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June 19, 2020

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Operation Turn Around (OTA)!

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Operation Turn Around brings people of diverse backgrounds together to learn, grow and share their talents. We seek to bridge societal gaps by building a culture of familiarity, appreciation and respect. In doing so, we teach skills, awareness and strategies for creating a stronger, safer, more prosperous community.

OTA promotes both formal and alternative modes of study, from business, finance and history to science, technology and the environment. Being fascinated makes learning fun, and education is the key to improving the health, wealth and strength of our communities.

Operation Turn Around's purpose is satisfied in part by providing access to underserved communities through education, exposure to digital media, content creation and civic engagement.

Supporting Operation Turn Around

OTA asks for your help to further our goals. Making a contribution today will benefit youth and communities through hands-on training, educational programming, and scholarships that open doors to exciting opportunities! As a grassroots organization, OTA relies on supporters like you. Use the "Donate" button below or visit our donation page for more options.

Thank you for your interest in Operation Turn Around,
OTA Works!