STEAM Education and Learning

In an increasingly tech-driven society, it is imperative to promote opportunities for all children to access the type of education which will enable them to shape the 21st-century world they’ll inherit. OTA's focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) encourages students to develop strong acumen, become critical thinkers, and reimagine what could be.

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Operation Turn Around’s STEAM initiative was established to increase the number of diverse people in STEAM fields. We do this by:

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"This program has helped me increase my confidence." - STEAM Student

"I never knew about the different jobs in math. I am a math queen, I think I want to be an actuary." - STEAM Student

"As a math major, it's helpful to participate in programs. I am also improving my teaching and communication skills." - Volunteer

"The zoom program is really fun. It doesn't feel like work. I get help with my homework and I can be with students and teachers from the summer program." - STEAM Student

"I wish I had this growing up. It's cool to help out." - Volunteer

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